It’s exciting to decide to build a new home. There are many steps in the home building process with the first being locating a lender. After that, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to find a reputable builder to oversee the construction of your new home. One of the first things the builder will want to know is what type of home you plan to build. There are two types of home builds you will need to consider: production homes and custom homes.

A production home is a common design that has been utilized by many homeowners throughout the country. You will likely see this same design used repeatedly throughout neighborhoods in your area, with the differences being paint color and masonry utilized. These homes are referred to as “tract” homes or “cookie-cutter” homes.

A custom home is unique and built from scratch. The builder, architect, and homeowner collaborate to determine the final materials and design. Because it is unique, it will be the only of its kind in existence, which can be a proud accomplishment for all involved in the designing phase and building process.

There are pros and cons to both types of homes. Here are some things to consider before deciding to build a production home.

  • Production homes are generally more affordable. 
  • They are less stressful to build since the plans already exist. 
  • They can be built faster than a custom home.
  • They have fewer design options because size and area are pre-determined.

Custom homes also come with pros and cons.

  • Custom homes allow the homeowner to incorporate everything they desire, from materials to amenities. 
  • They are designed to fit the needs of the owner’s lifestyle.
  • They are considered higher quality. 
  • The costs associated with building a custom home are higher. 
  • The homeowner will feel more stress in decision-making during the design and construction phases. 

The homeowner also has the option of building a semi-custom home that incorporates the benefits of both types of builds. The home is built on an existing floor plan, but the homeowners can alter parts of the plan to meet their needs. Nobody can tell you which style best suits you. The work involved in a custom home isn’t for everyone, while others will appreciate the unique qualities a production home can’t offer. It’s up to you to decide your budget and what matters most in the design of your new home.